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CAB CABERNET (lifestyle connoisseur)


Krushed Grapes is a lifestyle. The lifestyle of enjoying life. many of us aspire to this lifestyle. This is our standard. 


Cab Cabernet, founder and CEO of Krushed Grapes Lifestyle Enterprises, and Bukarance Records has over 16 years of experience in the music industry as a Recording Artist, Writer, Producer and indie label owner. Mr. Cabernet also has many years of experience in Wine marketing, Market Research, Management, Budget and Finance, Fashion design, Business development, and Event Production.


The company started in 2006 with a wine/lifestyle/event promotions & consulting outfit for hire. Soon after, a line of lifestyle products were conceived:  In 2008 the “Krushed Grapes enhanced CD” was released to rave reviews worldwide. In 2010, Krushed Grapes Footwear (a luxury, handmade sneaker influenced by wine) was created and is currently in production. This is a groundbreaking, first of it’s kind footwear line designed for the wine, lifestyle, footwear connoisseur. Handmade leather accessories including wine carriers, cigar cases, briefcases, wallets, hats are also sold and customized at customer’s request. The next line of products currently in development are a fine wine “Circa '41” which represents and targets the ever growing urban-upscale wine, lifestyle consumer. Cab and KG Lifestyle has also been hired to market for the NY Wine Expo at the Jacob Javits Center NYC (largest wine show in NYC). In 2016, Mr. Cabernet designed the first cigar lifestyle sneaker "AFICIONADO FOOTWEAR which is now available in 3 different varietals.  


The boutique brand is filling a void in the bespoke niche lifestyle market, and Cab Cabernet has taken this success to drive him to an even broader scope of product/service development, including and an array of female lifestyle products, online TV-show, luxury transport service, film, and more. With the talent and ambition of this team, the sky is the limit. KGL products & services will continue to grow, and represent class, sophistication and ultra-premium quality to the world of lifestyle.






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